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Frequently Asked Questions

How many women will be living at Palmetto Maternity Home?

Palmetto Maternity Home will house up to 5 women and their babies up to the age of one year old.

Can women who have other children in their care stay at Palmetto Maternity Home?

No, we can only accept women without other children in their care.

What is the application process for Palmetto Maternity Home?

The first contact is often made by website or phone. A full application will be required, then a site visit and interview will be scheduled.

Can minors live at Palmetto Maternity Home?

Palmetto Maternity Home accepts women between the ages of 17 and 36. The legal guardian of any residence under the age of 18 must be present for the admission process and give Palmetto Maternity Home parental consent to house and provide services to the minor.

Is a drug test required for acceptance to Palmetto Maternity Home?


How long does a women stay at Palmetto Maternity Home?

Women can stay in the home up to 1 year after giving birth.

Can my family and friends visit me?

Yes, we do allow family and friends to visit. Visitation hours will be discussed before admission.

If I want to place my baby for adoption, can Palmetto Maternity Home help me find a family?

Yes, we connect residents who are considering adoption with local adoption agencies who will oversee the adoption process.

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